Why install Windows Live Essentials 2011?

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The Live Team at Microsoft have released an update over that past few days, and are trying hard push ram it down your hard drive. They have flagged this 160 Mb piece of unneeded junkware as essential. It isn’t in any way. Its a collection of Microsoft tools and utilities that very few need, and far fewer want, let alone need the latest version. And its size just goes to show how much is it this essential update.

Review of Windows Live Essentials 2011

Positive spin for a minute
Not lets go a bit more positive. Its an update to a wonderful collection of tools for Windows Live users. Messenger, mail, blog postings, and other such fun things. What fun things does it include?

Stay in touch with the people you care about most from your PC, phone, or the web. Share photos and videos as you chat, and see the latest updates from your friends. Learn more

Photo Gallery
Get great tools for organizing, touching up, and sharing your photos and videos. Create stunning panoramas, movies, and slide shows, and publish them online. Learn more

Movie Maker
Turn your photos and videos into polished movies that are easy to share. Add special effects, transitions, sound, and captions to help tell your story in style. Learn more

Windows Live Mesh
Keep photos and documents in sync between your computers, and on SkyDrive. Connect remotely to all of the files and programs on your PCs. Learn more
Also included in Windows Live Essentials

Blog like a pro, adding photos, videos, maps, and more.

Family Safety
Parental controls to help parents keep their children safe online.

Manage multiple email accounts, calendars, and your contacts, even when you’re offline.

Messenger Companion
See and comment on links your friends have shared as you visit websites in Internet Explorer.

Bing Bar
Get search results from Bing without leaving the website you’re on.

Outlook Connector Pack
Includes Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector and Outlook Social Connector Provider for Messenger.

Microsoft Silverlight
Access rich, interactive websites using the Silverlight browser plug-in.

Put down that glass of Redmond Brand Kool-Aid
Now lets go back to the reality view and see what these components really are for the typical user:

Messenger – Its IM, you probably have it and use it and keep it updated, or you don’t use it.

Photo Gallery – You use that program that came with Office, or you use something else like Picaso

Movie Maker – You never use this, and if you need it, you use a real program like Adobe Premiere Elements. But really, so few people do this. And those that do what real stuff not freeware to do it.

Windows Live Mesh – Do you use SkyDrive? Like most people, the answer is no. Should you? The answer is you and everyone else needs to backup frequently. Find the right tool that works for you and stick with it.

Writer – You blog software made this tool obsolete two years ago

Family Safety – Um, thats an awful lot to try and get us to swallow. Is this an IM and picture tool or a parental control package? Talk about lack of focus

Mail – You use Outlook, so this is a waste. If you don’t use Outlook you have some other tool, or use a browser. Did you really want to learn another tool again? Let alone have it snuck up on you as number 6 in a list? And is this really essential?

Messenger Companion – Another feature that is dead before it ever launched. I mean this is all the buzz. They have a movie coming out about this. Its called Web Graffitti, the product invented over and over again that 100,000,000 people don’t use.

Bing Bar – Who uses BING? And do we really need another toolbar in our browser? Thats all this is – a toolbar forced on you inside another package. When most people do these we call it malware or spyware.

Outlook Connector Pack – Um, so for this to work you have to have Outlook, so why is this in the same Live 2011 as Mail? Hello, some focus people. And why isn’t this an update for I don’t know, Outlook or Office?

Microsoft Silverlight – This gets forced on you every time you visit a Microsoft.com website. And other places on the web like, um……

Do you need this update? No way. If you need one of the components, use it often, then go for it. But better yet, try and download and do a custom install and don’t install the components you don’t need. There is an option for that, right?

One Response to “Why install Windows Live Essentials 2011?”

  1. cuky Says:

    Wow. this is EXACTLY my opinion about the useless updates of this junkware pack. I don’t know what to add, you practically summed it all up in one post. It’s good though that they added the ability to select, in this installer, what to install and what not to, because previously you were forced to install all of the components. It is really funny they call the programs “essentials”. But I am sure there are people who use those programs, once in a lifetime, for a simple, amateur, one-time only job. Which is what you can do with Movie Maker, for instance.

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