Ray Ozzie leaves – does the market care?

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MSFT loses Ray Ozzie and the role of Chief Software Architect – how does the market react? As of right now, its trading at 25.10 -0.72 (-2.79%). Of course if you look at it over 1m or 3m its flat. Does that mean the market really doesn’t care?

Two big changes, one a senior person and the other a senior position. Is this cutting from the top down? Is Microsoft brining inot the market the changes it has been doing from the bottom up?

And why no major move in the market price? Thats the real judge of how beneficial something is. Of how much impact a decision has. Or how much impact that individual, that position, or Ray Ozzie as Chief Software Architect actually had. The market adjusted whe n he was added, and promoted. It adjusted during press releases and product ships and slips.

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