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Can I run a family blog on Microsoft’s Windows Home Server? It appears out of the box you can not. If you go to a community developed add-on called whiist you get this missing functionailty restored.

A few concerns about this – what level of IIS is in this private plug-in? Can it provide security or does it just dish out a directory for full public content review? I prefer to keep my html and code as secure as I can. Since I am not a black ha guru, I look for the web server and the web applications I run to provide me with a level of security. AND more importantly, security updates.

Taking the hugly popular WordPress to an IIS server requires a few items. Can WordPress run on a Windows Home Server? If so, which versions?

Is there a blog software that runs on Windows Home Server? And hopefully not Community Server. A someone who wasted a lot fo time with CS in its early versions, I have a bad impression on their ability to implement features. They implemented a lot of hype and vaporware controls with nothing under the hood. Just ask any CS admin who needed to bulk delete posts using the UI.

As I continue to look for more information, I will post an update.

Microsoft Windows Home Server looks very cool for the home use of backing up video and audio files and home computers. But will it do any good for a family that has a website hosted externally already? Can Windows Home Server replace a GoDaddy hosted UNIX or Windows webserver account and save the family those recurring monthly costs?

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