The worst mistake Microsoft Groove users can make

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Microsoft Groove users have to be careful when using Groove to transfer very large files. Groove is a great application for what it does – sync large numbers of files across disconnected users. Groove is great to have users share and collaborate on many small files, multiple files, and users that are working all over. That includes in the office, at home and anywhere they have connectivity back to the Internet or home server.

Well that means I can use Groove for anything? No – do not use Groove to share large files with employees, customers or contractors. If you have 10 users connected to a shared Groove folder and you put a single 100Mb file in that folder, it is sent to all 10 users. 1Gb of data is sent around. If you then make a small change to that 100Mb file, it is sent back to the server and another 1Gb of data is sent around.

Do not use ZIP files with Groove
Due to the reasons spelled out about, when working with Microsoft Groove, list all of the documents, make your changes, and let Groove handle the compression and synchronization. Do not take groups of files, compress them into a single .ZIP and then place them in a Groove folder. If you unzip the files, make a single change, rezip the folder, and put the new .ZIP file on the server, it will replicate the entire contents. And users will not be able to easily see the changes.

The rule to remember when using Groove is let Groove so what it does best – replicate and synchronize so you can collaborate. Don’t try and over push the system by sharing out mega size documents that you are still working on. Multiple smaller documents works much better than a single large file or even worse a ZIP file

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