Reduce your IT costs – part III

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Today is Sunday, our third article in this series of helping the CIO or IT manager cut costs in the current economic crisis. Our goal is to maintain or improve the service levels we provide to our customers. We are not here to be a big bad wolf with a budget axe and just hack and slash at things. We have already talked about reviewing what your people do in part I, and in part II going to work on Saturdays to improve yourself. Today is Sunday and like a large percentage of the population, it is a religious day.

We are going to keep the work light today so you can relax and spend time with your family. All we need is a list. You can do it with paper and pencil, or you could do it in Word or Excel, or even here as a comment to this post. What are we going to do today?

It is Sunday and religion must be cut out of the IT department

Not Moses, Jesus or Mohammad level biblical issues, but personal religious issues. Being in IT you know where this is going to go and depending upon your organization, it brings a shudder to your heart. Make a list of every team or department you work with, and ask yourself if they have a religious fervor towards any technology. Here are some ideas to get your list going, all are actual examples from real world situations but the names have been withheld to protect the innocent.

  • Does the network router team only use CISCO gear and any hint of bridging the NORTEL telecommunications switch into your network to bring about Voice over IP (VOIP) gets stalled?
  • Does the telecommunications team not want to hear anything about bringing in presence and Voice over IP to the desktop because they hate Microsoft?
  • Do you have Notes for your messaging environment and yet you own a license for Microsoft Exchange?
  • Are you paying maintenance costs for a security package when you already own one that came with the application, and security wanted the better package but you know it doesn’t get used anyway?
  • How many different databases do you use today?
  • Your organization has made a decision on going to Windows 7 instead of Windows Vista, you are skipping an OS from Windows XP, but are there people complaining about it?
  • Your organization has made a decision to skip Windows Vista and go to Windows 7, but are there people running Vista today on unauthorized desktop images?
  • Do you have a major investment in CITRIX managed by the data center team but still have the server team meeting with vendors evaluating competing virtualization technologies?
  • Do you have anyone arguing over competing technologies rather than submitting an architectural review form for approval and accepting the decision quietly, good or bad?
  • Is there someone who is made that you didn’t go to Product A 5 years ago and they still bring it up?
  • It gets worse – is there someone who is making your project difficult because your didn’t go to Product A like they suggested and they fell snubbed?

Now that is a long list. I have tried to keep the specifics to a minimum, like arguing between Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007. But I hope I got my point across. Now, where is your list? It’s in my head. No, get it out of there and get it down on paper, a document, or here as a comment. Part of the process is having that list leave the deep recesses of your brain and come out through your fingers. It’s therapeutic.

I have my list, now what?

Is it bad in your organization, not that bad, or really bad? Whatever condition it is in, we will start working on it tomorrow in our communications to the team on cutting costs and managing our IT environment while not negatively impacting our customer. And I want to give you a second gift of knowledge today

Take your list of bad things, be ready to send it to someone, and put it in a drawer, this website, or on your computer. Did you make the list on your BlackBerry or Windows Mobile 6 phone? Is it a note on your iPhone? Great. DO NOT SEND IT TO ANYONE. That’s right, do not share this list with anyone. Because tomorrow we will reread this list and see how we see things differently a day later. Get the bad thoughts out, down on paper, and before you do something rash, let it sit for 24 hours, and look at in tomorrow in the new light of another marvelous day on this earth. Because yes Virginia, the sun will shine tomorrow, the end is not here, and although the economic situation is bad, really bad in some sectors, it isn’t the end times. As you as the IT leader that you are, are keeping your head firmly planted on your shoulders.

What next?

See you tomorrow, now go rest, recharge, spend the day with your family, go outside, take a walk, take a bike ride. Have a great day off!

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