Reduce your IT costs – part II

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Every day this month we will focus on steps you can take to help manage and reduce the costs in your IT environment for the remainder of 2008 and help with your planning for 2009. Today’s tip – Saturday workers

It’s Saturday, who is working?

This is written early on a Saturday morning. As a CIO or IT manager, you should already be up. Now is the time to be reading all of those articles you dog-eared in a magazine or bookmarked in your browser. I have a middle child who has soccer and cheerleading today. I will be taking the magazines with me. And on my mobile device I have a few podcasts to listen to while I walk around the school grounds with the baby during the games.

The tip of the day today is Who is working? – You are. Find something interesting in that reading? Fire off a quick email. Don’t wait for Monday or worse Sunday night. Do it today.

Today is not about catching up on all those old emails in your Inbox. Today is about moving your personal skills and your knowledge forward through reading.

If you are not reading at a minimum 5 things this week, start immediately.

Times are tough, and you need to know what is going on. And the way to do that is to start gathering information, reading it, and learning from it yourself. “I read all the Gartner reports that impact my job today.” That’s great – that’s 1 source. Go find 4 others. You cannot concentrate all your eggs in one basket and you cannot drink from a single stream of knowledge.

What is the best cable news channels for the CIO or IT manager

Let’s start there. What is your favorite, regular or only cable news channel you watch? Great, put that down for Today to watch. Tomorrow is Sunday, move to a different dial. And for every day of the week make an active effort to watch a different cable news station. Why? While they all cover the same main stories, they do different bit segments. They have different guests on, and they have different news shows with slants and angles and personal agendas. Its time you got yourself exposed to them all. Do this for the month of November. At the end of November we will take a moment to reflect on which ones you enjoyed and which ones angered you, and which cable news channels did not and which ones taught you something. You might be surprised to find out that they might just fall in that order.

Now it’s Saturday and we now know who is working – you. Is your family working? No, they want to see you. Don’t me a jerk, a shut in, or a computer troll. In fact, get off this computer now, grab some magazines or newspapers, put some podcasts onto your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile 6 phone, iPhone or iPod. And get outside with your family. Go to a park, let them play on the swings. ASSIGN a family member to keep an eye on everyone, and get distracted into your reading. Got a baby? Great, start up that podcast and start a long walk.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to head out to soccer, cheerleading, a walk, a stroll, and a lot of reading for myself. Its Saturday and I am at my job – improving the quality of living for my family and myself. And you need to get to that job also. Have fun at it, it’s the best job you will ever have. Don’t let the current financial and economic crisis impact this job negatively.

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