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IT Managers need to get the most out of their investments, and that includes their Microsoft Active Directory (AD) environment. So many organizations use AD as the backbone for Microsoft Windows authentication, but it is an expandable database that can do so much more for your enterprise. Let’s talk about how you can reduce your IT costs by managing your Active Directory investments.

Is Microsoft AD enterprise ready?

This is a question that usually comes out from IT staff more concerned with religion then technology, cost savings and ROI. A better question is “My reuirements are A, B and C. Can Microsoft Active Directory meet the requirements for my business?” Unless you are talking requirements, you are probably in a religous discussion. Just like politics and offensive content, religion should be kept out of the workplace and especially out of IT discussions.

Do you spell requirements with an W or an N?

How do you spell requirements in your organization? With a W or an N? Is it a Want or is it a Need? I want to know your Needs and meet them as a consultant. As an employee I want to know what your Needs are and meet them. As a CIO, IT Director or manager, I want to know why my internal customers Needs are and meet them. None of us can handle someones Wants if we cannot meet your Needs. And if we meet your Needs

Do you have AD deployed today?

Then why do you have any other directories? Why are you running servers, paying for licensing, operating costs in the data center and taking up staff resource hours on duplicate technology? Can they be collapsed into using AD? If not, why do you continue to use them? Is the cost of supporting these additional directories enough to fund the effort to move towards a single directory and SIngle Sign On (SSO)?

Eliminate duplicate directories to reduce your IT costs

SUN, Novell, LDAP, LDAPS, RADIUS, and a list of other directories can all be collapsed into a single environment for your organization to work within for streamlined security, management, troubleshooting, and support costs. Why do you need to pay someone to be the Novell NDS expert when you have 5 people on the team that are AD experts? Start to take a hard look at what your people are doing in support time and also in end user complexity. A single directory makes all of that cheaper and easier.

End user training costs with multiple directories includes multiple passwords, password synchronization, what to do when your passwords are not synched up properly, and why your password can only be letters and 7 characters in length because of system omega that we have been using for the past 3 decades.

How do you reduce your IT costs today? By eliminating your duplicate costs for directory technology, reallocating staff resources, reporvisioning assets and achieving hard dollar savings on licensing and maintenance support contracts.

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