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girl wearing Logitech ClearChart Premium PC headset micShopping for a new headset is usually driven by some very simple factors. The 7 most important things to consider when purchasing a computer microphone headset are:

Comfort –┬áThese things sit on your head, the can make your ears comfortable or painful, fit around and over your eyeglass frames, or press them into the sides of your heads leaving marks.

Price – unless you are going to keep them at home, and you do not have any children or animals running around the house, you will be buying a new pair soon.

Durability – Unlike high quality headset microphones found in ham radio, recording or professional call centers, home consumer units break. Alot. They break with busted headpieces, mic booms, and more often then the other causes, pulled and frayed wires. Do not expect a lot of durability. And unless you are a hobby ham radio operator or electrician on the side, expect to throw the broken headsets away.

Connector – Do you want the old style RCA jacks or do you want a USB connector? I recommend the USB connector since you can use them on a computer with an open USB jack. The USB units function as a sound card, the headset and the microphone all in one unit. Of course this increases the price and weight.

Weight – You need to try these things on your head and make sure that you are comfortable with them on. Once you put them on, you will probably be leaving them on for hours at a time while on listening to music, on a Vonage call, VOIP, LiveMeeting, conference calls, TeamSpeak, Ventrillo and video gaming.

Microphone features – first does it have a mic at all? Don’t assume that it does. Many models drop the mic and are sold right next to the headset and microphone models. Don’t pick up the wrong package and find out after you drove home.

Mute button – this is a must have feature and something you should check for right away. Does it have a common blue light on, blinking light muted feature? Is there a clear switch for Mute on and Mute off? You do not want to blow your IT career by thinking you are on mute and having your sounds, jokes or remarks carried over to the other participants.

There are other features such as premium stereo sound, surround sound and a variety of other audio features. They serve to rebranda common or standard feature for marketing fluff, or add very little benefit for the average user while raising the manufactures profit margins and your costs.

The headset above were purchased at Staples in Audubon, NJ. They were $24.99. The downside? RCA jacks not USB. But since the computer on my desk has a pair of front mounted RCA jacks, and I will not be travelling with this headet, that works out fine. What were my other options? The runners-up were $39.99 and $49.99 for USB connections and USB and premium headset with extra fluff in the ear pieces. I went cheap because I know the kids will do something with them long before their normal life should have them in the trashcan.

As I took the picture above, I took them off of our three year old and told her not to play with them. My wife just laughed at me.

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