5 steps to manage your family photos in a digitial world

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If you are like most people, you have a ton of photos. Your have been collecting them for years, have many from before your birth, and all of them are keepers. But what do you do with all of these photos?

Where do all of the photos come from?

  • Cell phone
  • Digital camera
  • Digital video camera
  • Video camera, now sitting on SuperVHS, VHS, 8MM, CD, DVD or other format
  • Regular photos on paper of all sort of sizes
  • Slides

The first step in managing your digital photos is getting them all digital. This is the hardest part and may require some cash expenditures on your part. But it will certaintly require time to gather them up. Once you have each and every source of photos, get them digitized.

How do I put my pictures into my computer?

Either purchase a scanner or a smaller photo scanner for the pictures. The benefit of a scanner is you can shop around for a photo lab quality printer. Yes, these are more expensive than the cheaper $99 printers, but starting at $300 – $400 you can get a high quality photo printer with an integrated scanner that serves as a printer, network printer, scanner, copier and fax machine. Whew. That is a lot of capability in a single machine. Yes, and if you have a lot of shoeboxes full of 3×5 photos, it may be too much. A simplier photo scanner that has an auto feeder and just sits and spits out pictures and digital files might be a better fit for your needs. Consider the options before you buy.

Can I pay someone to scan in my pictures?

Why yes you can. Just remember that this is a family project, so consider the costs before you do it. You will still have to sit in front of your computer and tag all the pictures. Don’t exect a stranger you found on craigslist to know who Uncle Joe is from Cousin Vinney.

Why do I have to tag my pictures?

Tagging your pictures helps us sort through all of these digital files, organize them, and locate that one cute picture of your little first pumpkin from a few years back when you decide to put together a Halloween collage for Grandmom. Looking through a directory of thousands of images might be fun but after a few times, it gets a bit old. The time spent now will pay for itself over and over.

Where do I put mu digitial pictures?

This is a seperate topic and requires to cover things a bit deeper, but here are the options –

  • MOST IMPORTANT – BACKUP You have to make a backup of all of these nerw digital files so you dont lose all of your memories and hardwork
  • Leave them on your home computer
  • DVD
  • Get a family website and upload them from options with GoDaddy, Google or Live., There are so many different pieces of software to use with different benefits, pros and cons. Ask questions, and do your homework before plunging into one choice. But always do the backup. Thats why you have that free safe deposit box at the bank anyway.

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