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Today, Microsoft formally announced the Windows 7 operating system during the PDC Professional Developers Conference. Why announce an operating system at the PDC? Developers are on long build cycles for applications. The sooner their projects can get the details of what is going to be included in Windows 7, the sooner their applications can run on Windows 7. Application comptability is a major driver for operating system adoption.

Why else announce Windows 7 to PDC developers? The sooner developers start writing applications that take advantage of all the new benefits of Windows 7, the quicker consumers will have a reason to upgrade. Developers are a major key to the success of any Microsoft operating system adoption.

Today attendees heard how the forthcoming release can help customers leverage previous investments in the Windows Vista operating system. In a world where this weekend everyone in IT stopped and spent hours rolling out a security hotfix, news that Windows 7 will include enhanced security and control features is welcome news.

In a world of green IT, the additional benefits for reduce power consumption when running Windows 7 was welcome news. And of course, people need to use Windows 7, so Microsoft touted a list of new features and built in capabilities to seamlessly connect their people and devices.

Do you support an internal IT organization or are you a partner or reseller? Regardless, Microsoft made it clear that Windows Vista will be the straightest road to get your customers up and running on the new operating system. When Windows 7 ships, you want your users to be on Windows Vista SP2 and IE8. And if not, you want them ready to make the upgrade. Skipping an OS version doesn’t safe you testing time for all of your apps and hardware, it just delays it. Don’t miss the opportunity to start your testing and certification for Windows Vista now, even if you are staying on XP until Windows 7.

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