Troubleshooting IE7 error on page errors

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IE7 error on page

One of the difficult things working with Internet Explorer is troubleshooting the Error on Page message on the bottom left corner. You don’t know what causes it, it is not clear if the problem is on your end or with the website. And as a publisher or website administrator testing your own sites, you want to fix it. But how?

For starters, reset Internet Explorer back to the default settings and clear up its history. This is easy to do. In Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8, click on Tools -> Internet Explorer -> Then click on the Advanced tab. On the bottom of that tab you will see a section called Reset Internet Explorer Settings and a button labeled Reset…

If that step does not correct the issue, then run the two following commands using the Start Run or the

start-run regsvr32 jscript
start-run regsvr32 vbscript

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