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Do you need to learn more about archiving and journaling for your Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 Server environment? One of the functions of email archiving is to free up storage space on email servers. But unfortunately first-generation archiving methods of capturing and archiving the email information can cause significant problems. These first-generation solutions typically capture email and attachments from Exchange through journaling and replace them with a stub file or link. Stubbing frees up substantial disk space, but causes a new problem — slow and sluggish Exchange performance.

Journaling does it all, captures everything and I don’t even know how to use it. Thats the wrong answer. You need to know what journaling is, how it works for you Mrs. and Mr. IT manager, and for your end users, to be successful. And journaling only captures a subset of the information that is required by compliance regulations. Do not think turning on an option makes you 100% compliant – you need to know what you need to retain and then configure the tool to do that for you.

Understanding your technology options upfront will reduce the IT risks that come with choosing a less-than-optimal solution.

Register for this live TechRepublic Webcast, Exchange Archiving: Avoid Journaling & Stubbing Traps and Stop the Domino Effect, to learn how to successfully capture all data from your mail server without the negative impact of stubbing and without using data-capture methods that can cause database corruption, fragmentation, and performance degradation. 

The free live webcast will be held on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 – 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT / 5:00 PM GMT

Join guest speaker Martin Tuip, Microsoft Exchange MVP and Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager for Mimosa Systems, Inc., and moderator James Hilliard as they address these important topics and more:

  • What stubbing is and why it isn’t an optimal archiving solution
  • How to relieve pressure on your Exchange Server infrastructure
  • Why you need more than just journaling
  • How to capture everything you need without compromising performance
  • Determine what solution is right for your organization

Register here to attend this live event and Q&A, sponsored by Mimosa Systems, to determine which archiving architecture is right for you before it’s too late.

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