Zune 3.0 announced today

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I am writing this using Windows Live Writer and it does not know the following words – Zune, iPod, iTunes or podcasts. They should really update the dictionary of a piece of software to write blogs to include some more current and common techie terms. And it doesn’t know techie either.


Microsoft made a major announcement today with the release of Zune 3.0. Is anyone who reads my brilliant pontifications a big Zune user? I listen to music in the car (well every car, including my rentals) over satellite radio. When walking or working out, I listen to my WMn device for music and podcasts. At home, all of our music has long ago been ripped to MP3’s and we listen to it using either iTunes or Windows Media (what ever version is out today – they seen to always ask to update between Microsoft and Apple), but I still just listen to music.

Or do you have an iPod because your don’t own a cell phone yet? And if you do own a cell phone, what would you waste your time with a separate device like an iPod? I don’t understand the market for a separate device. I really cannot listen to that much music that I need to carry around more then a 1Gb collection of files at a time.

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