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If you are one of the millions getting this virus email this morning, do not click on any of the links. For more details, and kudos for beating me to the punch this morning –


The email and all its links take you to a trojan loader of  broken video player and the CNN loader. You are prompted to downlaod a viscious virus trohan program labeled as a Flash video plugin. From there your system will go downhill.

Parents, this is an example of a child being caught off guard. The email preys on people not looking at the details in the links and the email address. It preys on the continued lack of concern by the Internet community as a whole to do a simple reverse DNS lookup on all received email. This email did not come from a easy to check mail gateway at Just that check alone would have stopped a huge amount of this garbage.

So you or a family member gets this in email. It looks like news, but of course CNN never sends these out to strangers. You would have known about it. And when prompted for a player to watch a news article, you would never do this, but of course, some people will play along. And then it is downhill from there.

If you want to watch the news, go to or never go to that is just bad, virus or not :)

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