How to remove Ati2evxx.exe

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I am no fan of junk apps and bad services such as Ati2evxx.exe which cannot be easily stopped, disabled or removed from your PC. This utility does little, is not easy to find to remove or uninstall, and does nothing you can look up and check. Look it up on the web? Sure, find a block of messages about it being good or bad, spam, a virus, junk, or maybe of some benefit.

Why is this not in the Add / Remove Control Panel? ATI care to explain this? ATI and their competitors fell into this mindest that GPU is so important and powerful that they need to continue to add bloatware utilities to make it run better for us. And also add bloatware so we see their name all over the place to have their logo burned into our retinas to make sure we have to have an ATI vs NVidia in our next computer or laptop.

Go to the Catalyst Add Remove and this utility does not show up as a component to uninstall.

Go to services.msc and look at the Ati External Event Utility Service description that ATI added to show you all that it does. It is blank. How sad is that? Come on, it is a video card. Tell us it does some extra functionality if you have a cool button right next to the spacebar that you desperately want to turn off. And by removing your utility we can save all those future fat finger keyboard mistakes.

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